Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two by Two

Most of my "new" pieces are results of custom requests. As artists we LOVE to create new designs, however, the reality is when we are managing a busy shop/website, keeping up with social media, answering emails, creating/packing/shipping, and all the other tasks associated with running a creative business (not to mention running the household!), there is not much time to create new. I guess it must be scheduled in to the routine, but I always seem to find 100 other things that take priority. This said, I know it is important to create new work to keep the portfolio/shop/website looking fresh and to satisfy that creative itch that just will not go away! I have several "new" projects going all the time, and I try to spend a bit of time each day "playing" (maybe only 10 minutes before bed or early in the morning before the day gets rolling) is just good for the soul! Also, I have a pretty good case of ADD, and having something new to break up the humdrum is thereputic.

So I "stole" some time last weekend (I hate to admit it, but I usually have to work on the weekends...always in catch-up mode) and designed this fun Noah-themed topper.

 I have been wanting to round-out the baby shower category in my shop for a while. It comes with options (birthday, personalization, etc,), but I think it will be most popular as a baby shower topper. I had a lot of fun creating all the little was hard to choose which ones to include! As with all of my toppers, it can be custom-made to match a party invitation or decorations.

Here are some beauty shots!


Thanks for looking!

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