Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MATS B wrap-up

I completed the 2nd part of the Make Art That Sells e-course a couple of weeks ago and without a doubt, it was 5 weeks packed with intensity mixed with fun. I had learned so much from part A and was able to apply a little bit to each assignment. My pieces overall were stronger and my computer skills were a little sharper. I would suggest that if you are planning to take this course and work traditionally, that you have a good working knowledge of Photoshop. I did not have much experience with PS in the first section last fall, and boy did I struggle! Lilla may touch on this as a prerequisite for the course, but I either missed it or did not realize how important PS is in making your art web-ready. Also, the turn-around on projects is uber-quick…mini assignment given on monday, main assignment on wednesday and due on sunday…remember to breath!!

Here we go,
week 1: the paper market (stationery, greeting cards, etc)
The assignment was to create a holiday card based on the theme gingerbread houses.

 I played around with a few color palettes and decided to go with the traditional holiday colors

I really enjoyed working on this piece and felt very comfortable completing it in clay. 

week 2: baby apparel market
The assignment was to create a collection based on a pirate theme, suitable for baby

I loved this one too….my joy is definitely creating images for kids and the young-at-heart. The icons were rendered in copic marker, watercolor, & pastel pencil and arranged and composed in PS.

week 3: the scrapbook market
The assignment was to create a set of icons with the theme "vintage correspondence"

As you can see, I deviated from the theme (the mini on this one was to draw vintage ink bottles and I just couldn't get fired up about it…and was totally pressed for time as my son was home form the Marines for the week)….anyhow, as it was Easter, I went for a "vintage Easter" feel….copics & microns, then composed in PS

week 4: editorial illustration
Assignment was to illustrate a map of our home town.

So a total labor-of-love with this one. I went with clay relief, and had a blast putting it together, aimed for a folk art feel with the colors and icon as both represent my town. 17+ hours of sculpting and composing left little time for photography. I would like to reshoot this one at some point. Here are some details.

 week 5: party paper market (paper plates, etc. suitable for holidays, birthdays, celebrations)
Assignment was to create a plate, napkin, and cup set influenced by Bavarian folk art.

Intended for a child's birthday, painted with acrylics and composed in PS. Enjoyed working on this piece….fun colors and subject matter. Lilla chose this piece along with a classmates' to illustrate pleasing color palette…it was nice to get an acknowledgment in the last week of the course!