Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ahhhh Summer!

Summer is finally in full swing here…actually we are moving quickly towards the end (boooo) and the kids will be going back to school in a couple weeks.
I had some fun summery custom orders last month that will eventually make their way to my website and etsy shop.

A cute Luau girl and her favorite side-kick to celebrate Jayla's 5th

some whimsical surfboards for  Destry's cake

another hawaiian-luau inspired topper for a special couple celebrating their 50th birthday's together

and (my favorite) a super sweet lemonade stand topper for Ella and Logan…checkout his adorable mohawk!

I hope you enjoyed the eye-candy! Look for these designs along with some other new products this fall in my shops…and if you absolutely "need" one of these toppers to complete a celebration in the near future, please contact me via Etsy convo or email @ and I would be happy to make a custom order for you!
Happy rest of the summer!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Its almost here…summer!

We are right on the verge here in New England. We have had a few precious sun-drenched, blue-sky, warm-enough-to-go-swimming days to tease us. I love summer and I love to be outside, so everyday that has the promise of sun and warmth, I set up my "mobile studio" on our back porch and it makes me soooo happy! Today, unfortunately, is not one of those sunny days, and I am inside in my studio (which is not a bad place to be, but I'd rather be outside!) and on my desk is a fun summery set that I designed in anticipation of those hot, beachy days that will be here soon. I thought this set would be perfect for summer birthdays, luaus, or even a summer-themed wedding or baby shower. Take a peak and I hope it puts some sunshine into your day!

For more information about this set or to place an order, please visit my website or etsy shop….thankyou!!

Happy Summer!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MATS B wrap-up

I completed the 2nd part of the Make Art That Sells e-course a couple of weeks ago and without a doubt, it was 5 weeks packed with intensity mixed with fun. I had learned so much from part A and was able to apply a little bit to each assignment. My pieces overall were stronger and my computer skills were a little sharper. I would suggest that if you are planning to take this course and work traditionally, that you have a good working knowledge of Photoshop. I did not have much experience with PS in the first section last fall, and boy did I struggle! Lilla may touch on this as a prerequisite for the course, but I either missed it or did not realize how important PS is in making your art web-ready. Also, the turn-around on projects is uber-quick…mini assignment given on monday, main assignment on wednesday and due on sunday…remember to breath!!

Here we go,
week 1: the paper market (stationery, greeting cards, etc)
The assignment was to create a holiday card based on the theme gingerbread houses.

 I played around with a few color palettes and decided to go with the traditional holiday colors

I really enjoyed working on this piece and felt very comfortable completing it in clay. 

week 2: baby apparel market
The assignment was to create a collection based on a pirate theme, suitable for baby

I loved this one too….my joy is definitely creating images for kids and the young-at-heart. The icons were rendered in copic marker, watercolor, & pastel pencil and arranged and composed in PS.

week 3: the scrapbook market
The assignment was to create a set of icons with the theme "vintage correspondence"

As you can see, I deviated from the theme (the mini on this one was to draw vintage ink bottles and I just couldn't get fired up about it…and was totally pressed for time as my son was home form the Marines for the week)….anyhow, as it was Easter, I went for a "vintage Easter" feel….copics & microns, then composed in PS

week 4: editorial illustration
Assignment was to illustrate a map of our home town.

So a total labor-of-love with this one. I went with clay relief, and had a blast putting it together, aimed for a folk art feel with the colors and icon as both represent my town. 17+ hours of sculpting and composing left little time for photography. I would like to reshoot this one at some point. Here are some details.

 week 5: party paper market (paper plates, etc. suitable for holidays, birthdays, celebrations)
Assignment was to create a plate, napkin, and cup set influenced by Bavarian folk art.

Intended for a child's birthday, painted with acrylics and composed in PS. Enjoyed working on this piece….fun colors and subject matter. Lilla chose this piece along with a classmates' to illustrate pleasing color palette…it was nice to get an acknowledgment in the last week of the course!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Illustration Friday

I had a few extra minutes this week, as we are between assignments in bootcamp, to submit a piece to Illustration Friday.
The topic of the week is RED.

I sure hope she will share her treats with this little guy!
Thanks for looking : )