Thursday, February 27, 2014

Doodled Pendants DIY

Here is a fun DIY for you that has been inspired by the art of doodling. I started making these little pendants last summer when I was spending the lazy summer afternoons by the pool with my kids. It was too hot in the afternoons to work on shop orders, but I still wanted to be productive and
with minimal supplies to haul down to the back yard, this seemed like the perfect project.

Doodling is fun and relaxing, and not so intense that I could not keep an eye on the activity in the pool…and the best part was that my kids could join in and make their own cute pieces of art.

As the summer drew to a close, the holiday rush and MATS (make art that sells ecourse) collided, and I had to abandon my little projects. I picked them up again with the intention of creating this tutorial for Valentines day and was sidetracked again….but it is here now!
Enjoy and feel free to email me with questions or pictures of your creations.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The first MATS Bootcamp assignment

Wow! It was an adrenaline filled week for this bootcamper! Our assignment was to design a cell phone case with a cuckoo clock theme. We started off with a "mini" assignment of researching and guessed it....cuckoo clocks! At this point we had no idea what the main assignment was, so the sketching was super relaxed and we had the freedom move in any direction with our sketching process. I didn't do a ton of sketching due to time constraints, but I did come up with a few icons that I liked.

I was partial to the traditional Bavarian-style clocks with their cute little animals and mushrooms, but I had come across some unconventional ones on Pinterest like a cuckoo clock teapot and crazy brite pink or teal clocks and was inspired to go with something completely whimsical.
After a few days of floundering about with markers, pencils, and paint, I turned to my old friend polymer clay. Here are some pictures of the process, which took 2 days of working  here and there in-between making pieces for orders from my Etsy shop and life (4 kids at home on feb vacation). Photographing and editing in photoshop took another full day and a half.

I went with a cupcake theme, made the sketch and then photocopied it to make some templates for the pieces of the clock which I cut out in clay….super soft sculpey III.

The challenging part was choosing the pallet. Lilla had given us 2 on-trend pallets that I liked, but I felt that neither of them would work for this piece, which I envisioned being totally candy-shoppe-lollipop-sugary-sweet.
I chose to work in my sunny kitchen instead of my studio, so that I could be at "command central" for the kids. I gathered up all my supplies and spread out on the table. Normally I work with colored clay that I mix, much like paint, to get shades and highlights, but I wanted more control with this pallet and opted to paint the clay after it was baked. I worked in layers and edited my original sketch as I went along, adding some elements and discarding others. I used super glue and hot glue to hold everything in place.
Time to photograph! I set it all up in my lightbox, arranging all of the candy swirls, hearts and sprinkles each time I changed the background color, which was at least 10 times!

I had fun taking some informal shots with my iPhone and documenting the progress on Instagram.
The next step was the most challenging as I am still in the infant stages of learning photoshop. This is the finished mock-up that I submitted to Lilla's gallery.

I really enjoyed this assignment and got some valuable feedback from my classmates (whose work blew me away)….you can view all of the submissions (about 350+ artists participated) on lilla Roger's
website tomorrow. I can't wait t see them all!
Thanks for checking out mine!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day everyone! 
May your day be filled with XOXOXO
Enjoy this tutorial for a simple and pretty Valentines banner cake topper

feel free to comment below or contact me with any questions. If you do make this cake topper, I would love to see a picture of the finished result!
~Have a wonderful day~

Monday, February 10, 2014

Smart Creative Style e-course

I am looking so forward to  Smart Creative Style with the wonderful Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women must checkout both of these links right now! You will fall in love with Monica and her energy.  I had planned to take this class when it was offered for the first time last fall, but I was tied up with other courses and such, so I had to pass....BUT to my delight, Monica is offering it again.

 It is a 6 week journey of discovering the best in yourself, defining (or redefining your creative style, establishing (or re-establishing your brand), and unlocking your true potential. Monica and her team of professional creatives (16 to be exact I think) lead you through a series of fun, creative exercises designed to help you discover and nail down your own authentic look, your branding, and your messaging. The timing of this course is perfect and I know it will be an essential tool to enable me to hone my creative aesthetic and continue to grow my business.


Go and discover your own Smart Creative Style....course starts tomorrow!!
See you in class!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Valentines treat for you!

Have fun making these cute owls...they are super easy to make and can be created in any colors. You can adapt the design to make all sorts of cute owl things....pins, bow centers, earrings, buttons, necklaces, mini ornaments and more. A fun project to do with kids too! Enjoy and feel free to contact me with questions via the comment section below or email

easy-to-follow instructions below