Monday, February 10, 2014

Smart Creative Style e-course

I am looking so forward to  Smart Creative Style with the wonderful Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women must checkout both of these links right now! You will fall in love with Monica and her energy.  I had planned to take this class when it was offered for the first time last fall, but I was tied up with other courses and such, so I had to pass....BUT to my delight, Monica is offering it again.

 It is a 6 week journey of discovering the best in yourself, defining (or redefining your creative style, establishing (or re-establishing your brand), and unlocking your true potential. Monica and her team of professional creatives (16 to be exact I think) lead you through a series of fun, creative exercises designed to help you discover and nail down your own authentic look, your branding, and your messaging. The timing of this course is perfect and I know it will be an essential tool to enable me to hone my creative aesthetic and continue to grow my business.


Go and discover your own Smart Creative Style....course starts tomorrow!!
See you in class!


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