Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's MATS time!

Tomorrow is the first day of class. Week one's focus is bolt fabric. Super excited to experience all that this course has to offer. Spent a good part of the weekend tidying up my shop , working on clay orders, and organizing all my stuff for the course.
Lilla suggested that we create a new space, if possible, to work on class assignments, so we put together a small desk and I loaded it up with my markers, prismacolors, paints, etc. I created the piece above as a warm-up. I am new to copic markers, and was pleasantly surprised how nicely they worked as a base beneath the prismacolors. I really LOVE them and I hope to use them in the upcoming class projects.
I am off to bed shortly as the first classroom post is scheduled to air at 4am....of course I don't have to watch it at that hour, but my alarm is set for 3:45!
sweet dreams!!

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