Monday, March 10, 2014

in the studio last week

Here is a little visual diary of what I worked on in the first week of March:

Jello sketches for MATS bootcamp

edits, edits, and more edits of wedding topper photos

various cake topper orders: a clown


farm and owl toppers

baby shower safari set

work-in-progress baby topper

and some new products in progress…cupcake name banners

did some experimental fake baking ~super fun!

compiled my fashion mood board for the Smart Creative Style course...come take a peek at my other Pinterest boards here

all accomplished under the watchful eyes of my studio managers!

Looking forward to another productive week and wishing the same for you!


  1. omg it's all so cute! Are you taking orders right now for little charms for necklaces or cake toppers?

  2. Thankyou Wendy! Yes, I am taking orders for small pieces (pendants, bow centers, etc.) as well as topper orders.
    And custom orders as always!


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