Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hello Jello!

March has been Jello month at bootcamp…jiggly, wiggly, colorful, and sometimes a bit gross (yes at some point in time it was all the rage to throw those left-overs into a jello mold….spaghetti, veggies, Spam?? I think my own dear mother may have snuck some mystery meat into the jello in the mid 70's…I'm dating myself here!) But my memories of Jello are mainly good and sweet….I even make a  yummy fruity jello salad for the holidays, so this was familiar and fun subject matter to draw.

I had a good time with the mini assignment, making a page of sweet treats with black pen and copic markers. I even got brave and played around in photoshop with my jello icons.

The main assignment was to create a jello-inspired design for the bolt fabric market. I went back to the drawing board and drew a gazillion fancy cake stands topped with all sorts of sugary confections. Lilla gave us her Monday surprise which was the "nougat palette" and some tips on using neutrals in our work. I was immediately inspired by the dusty and pastel pinks, soft blues and purples, and pops of acid yellow & lime green and envisioned a sweet little circus world in these colors. In my final piece I ended up going with a little brighter versions of the colors. Here are some of my initial sketches.

and my palette

painting the icons

I had a couple more spots planned, but time ran out, so off to the computer I went. 
I found some tutorials on making patterns in PS, but just didn't have enough time to practice, so I did what I could.

I submitted this one to the gallery.

I am looking forward to trying to make a true repeat pattern with some coordinates when I have some extra time, but for now its off to catch up on Etsy shop orders and prepare for MATS part A which starts next week…bootcamp has been the perfect warm-up!

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