Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!!

It's been a hectic week, finishing up clay orders, trying to squeeze in my runs, and all the many christmas responsibilites.....somw of which still need to be taken care of and it's 11:45 Christmas Eve!! It is going to be a late night, one of many this month. I managed to fit my Santas in, one a day more or less. Here are the ones completed this week.

Santa #19 ~pencil&marker

Santa #20 ~ marker, pastels

Santa #21 ~pencil, marker, pastels

Santa #22 ~ marker, pencil, pastel

Santa # 23 ~ marker, micron, pastel

Santa #24 ~ acrylic, pastels

Merry Christmas....have a wonderful day! Planning to sit with my feet up with a magazine at some point tomorrow!!!

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